Ati E.
I attended a seminar where I heard Chris Johnson presenting how to get funds for business, education, and for real estate. I grabbed the chance and signed for his help and advice as I need money for my kids’ education and for my real estate business. At home, I applied for OSAP and scholarship for my son who is going to college this year. He received an OSAP of $4363.94 to cover his first term. He also received a scholarship of $1,900.00 for the 2 years period which will be paid every term. My daughter received also approval of $10,700.00 for her study overseas. Now I am in the process in his instructions in applying for free grants for renovation of a house we own in the USA. Without the information received from Chris Johnson, my son and daughter might not be able to go college and university, and I might not be able to renovate our house in the USA.
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