Bev E.
I purchased a 2-family property in Norwich, Connecticut on a short sale I negotiated with private investor funding. When I purchased the property, the front porch was deemed unsafe by the city, but I had no spare funds to replace the front porch & also a smaller side porch. In my searching, I stumbled upon a Lead Paint Removal Grant sponsored by HUD. BINGO! I found I could get the porches fixed for FREE and be able to get all new vinyl replacement windows. The stipulations for getting the $26,000.00 Grant without any payback cost is that I register the property with Section 8 as a Lead Safe House for 5 years, and any vacancies are offered to Section 8 tenants first. However, Section 8 pays $200-$300 a month more for a Lead Safe apartment THAN I CAN GET IN MARKET RENTS! So... I am very excited as you can see by the picture of me. OOH LA LA the PORCHES outside! I DID IT! I am PROOF that it can be done!
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