Chris Johnson the Grant Funding Expert

Chris Johnson the Grant Funding Expert

Known as The Grant Funding Expert, Chris Johnson is the most sought after educator in the field of government grants and private funding sources.

Chris Johnson has taught thousands of people in many countries, how they can receive grants, subsidies, tax rebates and low or no interest loans available from various governments all over the world.

Using Chris Johnson’s easy-to-use system, many of his students are now very happy recipients of government grants, private grants, low-interest loans, and subsidies in various areas: Business, Education and Real Estate / Property Investing.

Chris Johnson the Grant Funding Expert with Richard Branson

Government grant money has been around for decades. Yet, not everyone has heard about it or even knows it’s available. Why is that?

While the government authorities have been diligent in allocating grants to the various sectors and making them available to qualified people, they do not really advertise these programs to make people aware this money exists.

Chris Johnson has spent many years along with his dedicated team of research professionals, continually researching which grant programs are available today, from which governments and organizations, helping his clients to access this grant funding. In other words, Chris Johnson knows exactly WHICH grant programs are available in your area and HOW to apply for them successfully.

Having this knowledge is what makes Chris Johnson the most coveted educators on this subject. He is regularly called on by the world financial heavyweights to share his wisdom.

Chris Johnson has shared the stage with Sir Richard Branson, Al Gore, Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Suze Orman, Ron LeGrand, Robert Allen, and many other top financial and business experts.

Humble beginnings…

Chris Johnson the Grant Funding Expert with Stedman Graham, partner of Oprah Winfrey
Early in his career, Chris Johnson gained valuable experience as a successful restaurant and hotel manager. It was during his climb up the corporate ladder that caught the entrepreneurial spirit. So Chris Johnson got out of the rat race and pursued his entrepreneurial dream of owning and operating his own business. Chris Johnson started and ran a successful high-end, luxury dry-cleaning business as an entrepreneur for 4 years.

Despite working for himself, Chris Johnson still felt trapped in his position working long hours. He eventually sold the business for a significant profit, and launched a successful event planning business.

A turning point…

Chris Johnson the Grant Funding Expert - turning point

It was while running his event planning business, that Chris Johnson discovered he enjoyed meeting people from various walks of life, and more importantly, helping them plan their events, meetings and seminars.

Little did Chris Johnson know that this was a pivotal turning point in his life!

Being able to pull off successful event one after another is no simple feat. It takes a special person to be able to do this.

Soon, word of his successful event planning was starting to get around. People quickly recognized his passion and dedication, and now other seminar and event promoters were calling on Chris Johnson to plan and run their events as well.

As he continued to plan and coordinate events for several well-known and influential people, this opened even more doors for him! Now they wanted Chris Johnson as their event host and master of ceremonies!

A new passion was born

Chris Johnson the Grant Funding Expert-passionIt was at this time that Chris Johnson started acquiring knowledge on real estate investing. While investing in real estate and doing his research, Chris Johnson became aware of many government grants available for real estate investors, home owners and entrepreneurs.

Because of his knowledge of these government grant assistance programs, coupled with his unique gift to teach, Chris Johnson was invited by numerous educators to share his expertise on how to obtain government grant funding.

Chris Johnson the Grant Funding Expert-interview

Soon, success stories started coming in. Chris Johnson began receiving many thank you letters, emails and faxes from people telling him how much free money they received and more importantly, how their personal financial situation has improved – all because of the information Chris Johnson shared with them.

That’s when Chris Johnson had his “A-HA” moment. He now realized his passion, his one true calling in life: teaching to audiences and sharing his knowledge on government grants and funding.

And the audiences loved him back! They raved about his bountiful energy, his passion, and his gift to inspire them with his grant funding teaching…. and most importantly… that fact they were using Chris Johnson’s strategies and obtaining huge amounts of government grant and private grant money!

Chris Johnson the Grant Funding Expert on Stage

They wanted to see more of Chris Johnson. They wanted to learn more from Chris Johnson. They couldn’t wait for him to return to their city to teach.

Eager to meet the grant funding needs of their audience, conference and seminar organizers started calling Chris Johnson regularly to speak at their events. His phone lines were busy with one speaking engagement after another.

Chris Johnson was in high demand – everyone loved seeing him and meeting him in person!

And that’s how Chris Johnson became…

The Grant Funding Expert we know today. Chris Johnson is a believer that a student’s grant funding success is his success. There are scams and ripoffs out there, but Chris Johnson has a solid track record of helping students find and secure grant money and has a long history in the grant funding business (and hates that there are scam and ripoff versions that claim to help you, but are frauds).

Chris Johnson the Grant Funding Expert Speaking

Many students who use Chris Johnson’s program have received thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in free grant and loan money for their real estate investments, for launching or expanding a business, for getting their kids educated for free at the best colleges and universities.

On a Personal Note

Chris Johnson the Grant Funding Expert with Nicky
In early 2002, Chris Johnson met and soon married his amazing wife Nicky. Today, Nicky has taken over the running of the seminars and events, and the day-to-day operations of their business to allow Chris Johnson more time to focus on serving his grant funding clients, helping them to successfully find, apply for and ultimately receive the grant funding they are after.

Be sure to see Chris Johnson in person, at one of his many speaking engagements, as what he teaches you will amaze you and catapult your investing activities and your business to the next level!

Want to find out even more? Visit Chris Johnson’s grant funding website at

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